Tristick Vape

Apr 24 2015

Tristick Vape


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We Offer The Highest Quality Portable Vaporizers on the Market!

Tristick Vaporizers are portable, handheld devices immersing vapor by way of our proprietary advanced controlled heating system. Through a process called vaporization, Tristick technology operates at a temperature below what is required to produce combustible energy.

Tristick’s advanced controlled heating system allows for a constant temperature to be reached, effectively eliminating any concern of a vapor-loaded substance burning or overheating. Our philosophy is quite simple – create the perfect temperature that allows heat and air to release the essential components of a vapor-loaded substance without reaching the point of combustibility.

What the Tristick vaporization process produces is essentially a non-toxic user experience leaving behind minimal traces of tar, if any at all. Combustibility can alter the chemical components of a compound or substance, resulting in a denatured state.

Tristick vaporization does not significantly change or alter the chemical make-up of a vapor-loaded substance, nor does it add elements to a substance that is not present in its preloaded state.

At Tristick we are proud to say that we have accomplished our goal of providing an economical, less hazardous way of administering aromatherapy and pledge to continue our pursuit of bringing the most advanced and affordable vapor technology to the world.

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