OpenVAPE Pen

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Jan 17 2015

OpenVAPE Pen


The Dopen Vape Pen is compatible with all 510 oil cartridges, including our signature Dope Oils available in Washington State Medical Access Points.

DOPEN’s and DOPE Oils are sold separately.



Vaporizer pens are odor-less, smokeless, and deliver the desired effect of consuming THC without the harmful toxins released when smoking.

Vaping is a discreet and enjoyable method that is medically-proven to be less irritating to your respiratory and overall health.



If tobacco is your pleasure, then the Dopen Vape Pen is the perfect way to enjoy it. The Dopen Vape Pen is compatible with e-cigarette liquids, oils, and e-juices.

To Find Dope Vape Pens at dispensary locations near you click here.

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