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710 Vape Pens produces vape pens and accessories.

710 vape pens are the newest and hottest personal vaporizer on the market. With its innovative LCD (liquid crystal display) readout, you will never be left guessing anything about vaping.

The 710 Vape Pen was designed specifically for oils and waxes. The design is solid, easy to load, easy to use and very discreet – with the inhaler cap on, it looks just like a regular fountain pen. Its innocuous looks, streamlined design and compact size mean you can take it with you, absolutely anywhere.

The 710 Vape Pen heats up in about five seconds to release a powerful stream of vapor. It also boasts a number of handy gizmos. The one-button activation has a five-click safety mechanism, ensuring that your device won’t be engaged accidentally. Its unique LCD shows the temperature of the heating element, allowing you to optimize your vaping.

The LCD also makes sure you won’t be caught with a flat battery. The 710 Vape Pen shows a red LED light when the battery is charging, and a green light when the battery is fully charged. Finally, the 710 Vape Pen comes with a free water filtration adapter to ensure smoother draws.

710 cares about its customers and offers amazing personal customer care. If you have any product questions, please contact us; we are here to help.

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